Welcome to my personal portfolio!

Sixty-four thousand users and counting. What I originally envisioned as just a casual summer Discord bot project for collecting characters from shows in a trading card fashion, garnered more attention than what me and the team I led could ever expected.
I love to build, to create, to make something my very own from nothing. I have loved the craft of engineering since the times I could pick up a wooden block. Throughout my experiences with drag-and-drop programming as a child and more powerful programming languages like Java and Python, I have found that Computer Science is the most accessible way to engineering projects in our modern world. Regardless of identity, status, or environment, an internet connection unlocks access to the world's most powerful toolkit.
Now, I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Texas A&M to advance my current mostly self-taught understanding and go on to build bigger and better projects. Specifically within Computer Science, I am interested in Data Science and Cybersecurity. I have just completed my first semester with a 4.0/4.0 GPA in the Engineering Honors Program.
Highlight of Experiences:
  • Published a scientific peer-reviewed paper in the journal Solar Energy that detailed the transformation of the solar cell material double perovskite to halve the costs of solar panels and entirely eliminate toxic byproduct production
  • Designed an AI model that predicts computational fluid dynamic simulations set-up which would cut back thousands of dollars and hours for training. Research paper currently under review.
  • Assembled sample machine learning model and standardized benchmarks at MSBAI that was responsible for a critical part of developing the AI agent GURU. This service was later selected by the U.S. Air Force for the $1 million contract AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research Phase II Contract.
  • Conducted and cleanly compiled thorough, efficient, and timely due diligence research at MicroVentures which supported many successful offerings on the platform such as Sila Nanotechnologies which raised $655 thousand within 24 hours.
  • I am currently seeking an internship for summer of 2022 in the fields software engineering, data science, or cybersecurity. Please let me know if I could be a potential candidate! I would love to chat in greater detail.

    Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Artificial Intelligence Model

    Developed artificial intelligence model that generates settings for non-expert users which removes technical barrier and saves an average of $10,000 per project Constructed standardized benchmarks to compare Auto Machine Learning model prototypes. The project was chosen by the U.S. Air Force for the $1 million AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research contract collaborated on project progress and provided weekly update to the team working with core engineers to trouble shoot Built machine learning model from scratch for the example data set as another standard for the comparison of the AutoML models

    Double Perovskite Solar Cell Material

    Theoretically compressed Double Perovskites A2BB'X6 to improve performance as a solar cell material Decreased the bandgap of crystals by up to 35%, largely increasing the viability of these crystals to be used as solar cell materials Discussed the preparation of an environmentally friendly material as a solar cell material to reduce pollution from solar energy production. Condense key information from 300+ academic articles in ten weeks Published in the journal Solar Energy hosted on Elsevier with a 5.742 impact factor score and 4 citations in 2 years

    Discord Entertainment Bot

  • Conceptualized project to encourage community engagement and activity
  • Organized team of four developers behind the bot that serves over 64K users
  • Features and brings a unique twist to user's economy, activity leaderboard, collectible figures, birthday reminders, moderation tools and much more
  • Hackathon Projects

    I attended HowdyHack 2021 and won the Best UI Award in which I was responsible for programming the main logic and core mechanics of the game. I have also participated in TAMUDatathon 2021 as well as TAMUHack 2022. Through the hackathons, I have dove deep and learned about web development, Python GUI management, and graphical data analysis.

    CodePath TechFellow

    I was selected by CodePath to be a TechFellow in teaching a ten-week introduction to cybersecurity course emphasizing on web vulnerabilities. The course's structure as well as vast availability for help many students with absolutely no experience to make that most difficult first step into the field. I lead efforts in diligently preparing course material to ease students into difficult and abstract concepts. The team of four tech fellows marketed course that helped increase the total applications to over 100+ students Some topics we cover are: IDOR, Sessions, XSS, SQL Injection, Crypto, User Authentication

    Cybersecurity Capture The Flag (CTF) Competitions

    These competitions are gamified cybersecurity exercises that involve competing (often in teams) to find flags hidden behind various insecure infrastructure that may exist among many of our digital devices if not mitigated properly. Although I am only a Freshman, I have competed in numerous CTF competitions and have been awarded high rankings.

  • Cybersecurity Club CTF - 1st with $1000 prize
  • NCL - Top 100% Team, Top 93% Solo
  • MetaCTF - 18th in U.S.
  • NSA Codebreakers Challenge - Completed Task 0-6
  • BuckeyeCTF - 2nd Place in U.S. Undergrad Category